“I love fueling with XRCEL during my training and racing. I am able to have that “extra gear” during racing because of the extended release glucose micro-gels. The great fueling I had during this race really showed during my record-breaking run. XRCEL truly keeps you going and going when others start to slow.”

Jocelyn McCauley

Ironman Mallorca Champion, Ironman New Zealand Champion

October 6, 2017

This is my second season using XRCEL and I am SOLD. I completed Ironman Lake Placid in 2015 using another brand of liquid nutrition–the typical carb/electrolyte powder mixed with water–and completely shut down at mile 90 on the bike. I couldn’t…take…another…sip…I was bloated, nauseated, and had that “sloshy” feeling from all of the volume. I use XRCEL now as my main source of calories with some supplementation in between and have essentially eliminated this issue. Last week at Ironman Florida 70.3, I PR’d my bike AND ran the entire 13.1 miles (even all the hills on 10th Street!) on fresh legs. The combination of immediate and delayed release carbs is the best product on the market for triathlete nutrition, and I would encourage all athletes to try it!

Stancie Rhodes, MD

Triathlete, Team Tri Everything

October 6, 2017

When I stepped up to 70.3 and IM distance events I had problems with nutrition. I could not eat solid foods while racing. Also, too many GU’s and gels gave me heartburn and GI issues. I learned how many calories I needed to cover these longer distances. I just had to find a product that worked for me. I tried XRCEL and knew that my problem was solved. I use XRCEL to supplement my liquid calories. By timing my nutrition, I know exactly how to energize my race. I take XRCEL on a timing interval. What I like about XRCEL is taking it properly gives me constant energy without any lulls. All I do is take XRCEL and know that my fuel for my races is constant. My racing has improved because I am more consistent. I race the way I train. When I don’t use XRCEL while training I feel the difference. I bonk or just don’t perform at a high level. It is good to be humbled during training, but come race day I want to perform. XRCEL is constant for me, no more guessing on race day. XRCEL has made me reach to my potential.

Barry Barrone


October 13, 2017

I am able to get all of my planned nutrition in during a race, and I do not have to worry about having GI issues thanks to XRCEL’s ability to release fuel as my body needs it. For me, it’s simply the ability to stomach about 10 bottles of XRCEL over the course of nine hours, without vomiting on the side of the run course! I don’t get sick of the taste and they don’t upset my stomach. I am always winning with XRCEL as my fuel!

Carrie Lester

2017 Ironman France Winner

February, 5 2018

I have been using XRCEL for the last two years. Being able to take a bottle of XRCEL with you anywhere and know you have sustained energy available anytime. I use it at work late in the day when the energy is getting low and know I have training workout later that day. With XRCEL I know there will be no sugar high or crash a few hours later. That’s huge for any athlete to know! No one wants to hit the wall in the middle of a workout. With XRCEL that won’t happen. XRCEL has proven to be exactly what I need to get to the podium. With XRCEL in my nutrition plan I reached to top step on the podium at Ironman70.3 Atlantic City. Which got me a spot at Ironman 70.3 Worlds in September 2017

Brian Norling

Elite Cyclist, Triathlete

February, 5 2018

Having an optimal nutrition plan is critical to successful performance. Don’t limit yourself only to race nutrition. Think also about your fueling during training and recovery. If you can train harder and recover faster because of what you’re putting in your body, then you’ll get faster, it’s that simple. In a race situation, if you can take in more calories, or absorb more of the calories you’re taking in then you’ll have more energy during the race. That’s where a superior nutrition product like XRCEL Athlete Fuel can help. Because you’ll absorb more of the right fuel and calories when using XRCEL, versus conventional sports drinks or gels, you’ll have more energy to spend on the course.

Patrick Evoe

Professional Triathlete

February, 5 2018

We’re not saying it’s the only reason, but the Battery have been performing better with XRCEL.

USL Charleston Battery

Training Management

May 12, 2015

I have used it now 3 times- all during high intensity Olympic weight training sessions. They usually last 1.5 to 2 hours. I don’t know if it’s this stuff, or if I’m just getting stronger, but in the 3 times I have taken XRCEL, I haven’t missed a single lift. I typically have 2 or 3 misses at a minimum. I thought the Orange was the easiest to take. I definitely felt like I could have kept going. Today I had a tough workout after playing this morning. Normally that’s a struggle for me. Today I felt like I could go another hour. I think this is a great product.

Hunter Gilstrap

Carolina Rail Hawks (Goal Keeper)

February, 5 2018

I can say that I have tried many supplements throughout my officiating career. Not only is XRCEL easy to drink and has great flavor but the effects of it are lasting. There are plenty of times that when I am hitting the 70th minute of a match and climbing over the 6.5 mile mark that I have caught myself digging, but when I take the XRCEL it prolongs my fitness to levels I have not been able to achieve before. I used to take 5 hour energy or a Red Bull before a match and you could feel your energy levels dwindle much earlier on in a match. XRCEL is made to keep your endurance and awareness at the highest levels throughout the entire 90+ minutes.

David Erbacher

Professional Referee USL

February, 5 2018

I have been using this XRCEL the last couple days and have really enjoyed this product. So far I take it just before I start playing and after I kind of push thru the first wall of exhaustion I really notice this feeling that allows me to run a little bit more freely. It allows you to kind of push thru the walls of exhaustion during the game in a mental and physical way. Then once I push through that wall where I start getting a little fatigued, it is almost as if I find this new energy source to keep pushing forward. I noticed this around the last 10-15 minutes of the game. All the flavors have been good, the liquid isn’t too thick and goes down easily, both warm and cold.

Gibson Bardsley

Tulsa Rednecks

February, 5 2018

“XRCEL has allowed me to permanently refrain from using caffeinated energy drinks, which I have depended upon throughout my career to maintain energy levels, all the while providing me with more than enough fuel/energy to fly through my trainings and games!”

Oguchi Onyewu

International Professional Soccer Star and US National Team Member

February, 5 2018

"As an Athletic Trainer, it is important that I have a product that I am confident in and that the athletes will use. I found XRCEL gives my athletes the energy boosts they need to sustain a higher level of competition and training and is also easier and more convenient for them to use than other products.”

Dawn Puringtion, M.ED

Athletic Trainer at Seton Hall University

February, 5 2018

Just a short note to tell you that I’ve found XRCEL to do what you (and the research) said it would do. Our players have expressed that they feel that they are able to sustain effort for longer periods of time before fatiguing. We have tried other products in the past without having the type of results we are getting from our use of XRCEL. I look forward to continuing our use and to the success it has helped us achieve to this point.

Michael Sandago

USC Upstate (Associate AD for Sports Medicine)

February, 5 2018

At the beginning of the school year your company had sent us some samples of the XRCEL shots and they worked amazingly!! The sport using the XRCEL is Basketball girls and boys with many frequent crampers. Good news is that i have had ZERO cramps and we are in need of more! 🙂

Richland High School

February, 5 2018

I do like the XRCEL product. I have used it on a hand full of guys for basketball games and practice. They seem to feel more energized late in practice and games.

Chris Horschel

College of Charleston (Director of Sports Medicine)

February, 5 2018

Using XRCEL was vital to maintaining power and speed during Reading 120 professional road race. With 5000+ calories burned over 120 miles and 5 hours, there was no margin for error when it came to refueling. Thanks XRCEL for providing the best in sports nutrition along the way.

Glenn Ferreira

2015 NJ Elite Men's State Champion, Team Metra/Cycles 54

December 11, 2015

“I have been racing my bike for the past 14 years, racing professionally for the past three years, and I haven’t found anything that works better or more consistently than XRCEL. I know that when I take it before training or before a race I will have the energy I need in the beginning and for the whole workout because of the extended release formula. It works and its easy on the stomach – I never feel like I’m going to throw it up after going hard. It helps me stay physically and mentally strong; that is something I haven’t found in any other brand.”

Laurel Rathbun

16x Cycling National Champion, Pro Cyclist Papa Johns PB Trek

October, 6 2017

Science merges efficiently with nutrition to create a highly effective sports supplement fuel called XRCEL. I have never been a big fan of sports drinks per se but after testing XRCEL for a few weeks I can firmly say this product delivers on its promise of both providing initial energy output (simple carb release) and more importantly providing long term sustained energy release (complex carb release). The hallmark of XRCEL, is that it provided me with the optimal combination of glucose that’s available as immediate energy, as well as an extended release dose of glucose that my body was able to tap into later in my rides.

Adam Atherton

Former Soigneur During the AN Post RAS Series

February, 5 2018

I have been training and racing with XRCEL this season, and have seen improved performance especially in the final hour of my longer events. The added sodium and potassium that XRCEL provides helps fight off cramps even in events that were over and above my training capacity. I’ve never experienced GI issues with XRCEL and appreciate the sustained contestant energy level I feel with XRCEL, unlike the peaks and valleys I was experiencing with my previous gel products. We have enjoyed our partnership with XRCEL at my business and have converted many customers to XRCEL, thanks to its unique story and extended release delivery system setting it apart from everything else on our shelf. Knowing that XRCEL is free of any banned substances and NCAA and WADA compliant, I can confidently recommend it to all our racers and customers.

Christian Young

Owner Cycles 54, Category 1 Racer

February, 5 2018

I have been running for the last year and a half. I am 56 years of age and have struggled with the energy levels on my run. This past weekend I participated in the New Jersey Marathon, running the 5k and my wife running the half marathon. I was introduced to your product at the Expo and was impressed by the sales staff. After using your product, my 5k was two minutes faster and I felt GREAT!!!. My wife an elite runner, also used your product and stated she felt so much better, ranking 2nd in her age group. I also am a tactical instructor for a private training company. Endurance is essential and will be recommending your product.

O'Connor Family

Tactical Instructor and Elite Runner NJ Marathon

May 2, 2016

I have been using XRCEL, for some time now, on the back 9 of my golf rounds. I have found that once it kicks in, it brings a sharper focus for me mentally. I definitely do not feel as fatigued ‘coming down the stretch’ and it really helps me concentrate on those last few holes to finish a round. I definitely see a difference when I am playing with and without it. XRCEL is now part of my game ritual and I am recommending it to my clients.

Joseph Wohlscheid

PGA Golf Professional - Kiawah Island Club-Cassique

May 12, 2015

My first experience was at a PGA professional event. I played very well all the way to the end. There was not a lull period in my game. I was hitting good drives and sticking my irons all the way to the end. Our team won shooting 18 under for the event. My second experience was a one day event only open to PGA Professionals. I caught traffic on the way down to the Outer Banks and I was unable to stick with my normal routine of warm up and I did not have any food that morning or during the tournament. After 15 minutes I settled down and played an average front nine. On the ninth hole I drank a bottle of XRCEL. I had an outstanding back nine shooting the lowest nine posted for the tournament. XRCEL allowed me to stay focused/concentrate and it kept me from being hungry during a long day of competition.

Andy Harris


May 14, 2015

I felt good throughout the round. The fact that I didn’t have a drop off in energy was significant. I played one of my most consistent rounds this year shooting a 64.

Gary Anderson


May 14, 2015

As a working Mom with four children 10 and under and a self-confessed running addict and gym junkie, efficient use of time is absolutely critical to me. In that hour of exercise I try to squeeze in most days, I have found that using XRCEL has given me a 15% increase in performance based on distance covered and weights lifted. I am now in the process of becoming a certified Les Mills exercise instructor and find that even after a 4 mile run I can still complete a full Body Pump class with energy to burn. Thank you XRCEL for helping us busy Moms remain on track with our fitness!

Belinda P.

May 14, 2015

I have 2 kids (15 year old twins) away at prep school playing hockey and one playing both hockey and soccer. They both use your product and even this old washed up athlete used it last year when I had to play 5 hockey games in 48 hours! I worked for me too!!

Heather Howatt

February, 5 2018

Disclaimer: The testimonials above reflect the actual real life experiences of people who used our products. However individual results may vary and not everyone will experience the same results. Achievements of athletic performance may depend on a variety of factors in addition to XRCEL including body type, diet, exercise and training.