21 Mar How to get the most out of your Group Fitness Class

In today’s increasingly busy world, getting the most out of your Group Fitness Class is something that everybody wants.  Most of us find devoting that hour or so to ourselves on a regular basis a challenge, so we need to set ourselves up for success!!  Group Fitness Classes are all about providing the opportunity for you to increase not only your physical and mental stamina in a friendly environment but also be cost effective and easily accommodated into your schedule.

So when you’re embarking on your Group Fitness journey, consider the following:

1. Commit to a routine (and make it a routine)

Just like brushing your teeth before you go to bed at night, you have to put your chosen Classes into your schedule and STICK TO THEM. Make them part of your weekly routine!!!  If you’re the type of person who bounces out of bed in the morning, choose early morning classes.  Conversely, if you’re a night owl whose favorite button in the morning is snooze, choose evening classes.

2. Mix it up

Keep it interesting by mixing up your classes!  Ideally, aim to include at least two resistance training Classes (such as Les Mills’ BodyPump), two cardio sessions (Spinning is an excellent, low resistance choice) and maybe throw in a Mind/Body Class such as Yoga or Pilates as well.

3. Listen to your body

Nobody knows your body like you do!!  Instructors are there to motivate, drive and demonstrate correct technique however they don’t know how you’re feeling, what type of a day you’ve had, what exercises you did yesterday or the day before etc.  If you’re feeling flat there’s nothing like the natural endorphin release from a cardio work out to lift the spirits!! Or if you’ve been slumped over a computer all day, choose a resistance workout to move your upper body muscles including your back, chest, biceps and triceps to give them a workout!

4. Fuel and hydrate correctly

You will get so much more out of your workout if you are properly fueled and hydrated!!  I use XRCEL Athlete Fuel as my pre-workout fuel as it’s packed full of glucose and electrolytes in an extended release formulation and continually releases energy as I need it.  Post work out, the electrolytes in the XRCEL help to minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.   I also make sure that I have plenty of lean protein, salads, fruits and vegetables on hand to ensure that I don’t undo all of the good work I’ve just done!

Embarking on your Group Exercise journey isn’t easy- you need to be committed, focused and make the time to get it done!  But if your goal is to improve both your physical and mental fitness in a friendly, motivating and enjoyable environment, make Group Exercise a priority in your weekly journey!!

Belinda P – Mother of 4, Certified Body Pump Instructor, Pivotal Fitness & Gold’s Gyms.

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