18 May KIS Athletes in Full Bloom at Wildflower Triathlon

It was a “wild” weekend of triathlon racing for the KIS Coaching athletes as they took on the iconic Wildflower Triathlon. Located in Central California’s beautiful Monterey, our XRCEL-sponsored KIS athletes came up roses as they turned in some superb individual performances, while showing off some early season fitness.

Leading the way for the KIS Coaching athletes were Carrie Lester, who finished second overall amongst the elite women, and Scott DeFilippis, who finished sixth overall amongst the elite men. DeFilippis, one of the founders of KIS Coaching, focuses on combining hard work with fun to help athletes of all levels meet their personal goals of making personal improvement. With no pro racing field in 2017, many of the elites were excited to get back to this one-of-a-kind event.

“As a Professional it’s very important to support events like Wildflower as they make a point in supporting the pros. Even after a year hiatus due to the drought in California, the race returned and still offered a $40k purse paying the top 10 men and women,” said DeFilippis.

However it’s not just the money that keeps the pros and age-groupers signing up for what is not just a race, but a weekend long experience. No matter what you enjoy in life, there is something for everyone. From wine tasting to beer gardens, music performances to painting while you sip, and from helicopter tours to yoga; the fun is endless and extends well beyond the triathlon race alone. Often called the “Woodstock of Triathlon,” you can choose to join the other campers and sleep under the stars or treat yourself to some comfortable night’s rest at the Wildflower Wellness Spa. You might even throw in a pre or post race massage during your stay.

Even with so many appealing activities, the triathlon is still considered the main event. At 35 years old, Wildflower has not only been around more than most races, but it consistently offers an honest, challenging race course, combined with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Wildflower is a very important part of our sports history. It’s unique race site in the middle of nowhere makes for a communal setting. It’s everything this sport was meant to be about, a tough as nails course that makes for fair racing,” added DeFilippis. “The location in Central California really can’t be beat in terms of venue location, tourism opportunities such as wine tasting or sightseeing along the Pacific Ocean, and near perfect weather.”

Preparing for the demanding race course takes a combination of triathlon training as well as dialing in your nutrition plan. Lester, who has cracked the Ironman distance code over the last couple of seasons, earning a top-10 finish in the last two Ironman World Championships, has found the right solution for staying fully fueled for the half distance races.

“In a half distance race, I will have three bottles of XRCEL with me for the bike versus five bottles for a full. On the run, I drink one in T2 and then carry another with me for the rest of the race,” said Lester.

Not only did the KIS Coaching pros turn in a stellar day out on the Wildflower course, but eight age-group athletes persevered through the grueling course. XRCEL is proud to fuel all of our KIS Coaching athletes and want to say a huge congratulations to all of them for hanging tough, working hard, and “fueling smarter!” Congrats on your outstanding age-group accomplishments!

Chris Deptula 46th in the 40-44 Age Group

Veronica Eguia 10th in the 30-34 Age Group

Megan Gibney 13th in the 40-44 Age Group

Richard Kane: 10th in the 45-49 Age Group

Olga Lech 28th in the 30-34 Age Group

Louis Mancuso 15th in the 50-54 Age Group

Amelia McKraken 6th in the 30-34 Age Group

Michael Villane 20th in the 50-54 Age Group

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