02 Feb Ride into the New Generation of Fitness with Peloton Cycle

You’re hustling into the gym, work clothes still on, you get to the front desk panting and give the check in guy your name for the spin class roster, just to be told it’s already filled up for the evening. What? You really NEED this workout; you had a stressful day at the office, your knee injury can’t handle any other form of exercise, your triathlon race is coming up, and you simply love to cycle!

Well the wait is over because Peloton Cycle is here! We are huge cycling-lovers at XRCEL and see how the Peloton is a cutting edge cycling bike that turns any room in your house into your own private spin class! Just like XRCEL, the Peloton is easy to use and works with your body’s specific needs. The unique carbon-steel Peloton bike, which has multiple, customized settings, brings you not only an effective riding tool, but also a full HD touch screen so that you can literally ride while listening and watching the spin instructor of your choice. I get a sense of the bike being strong and very well constructed, something I look for in a training product as my workouts can be very long, intense and frequent. The Peloton bike’s near-silent belt will keep everyone in your household happy while the smooth, magnetic resistance allows you to enjoy the natural feeling of an incline when you want it.

Peloton cycle works for you and your lifestyle. Pick the time of day, the style of class, and the instructor and jump on your Peloton bike in the comfort of your own home while getting out of your cycling comfort zone. With Peloton, you’re in charge of your workouts while still getting the encouragement and stimulus of being in a live class. This is a perfect way to work out for anyone with a busy lifestyle, or even someone who is nursing an injury and needs a little extra motivation from one of the many amazing instructors.

The Peloton bike retails for $1995.00 plus a $39 a month subscription fee for all of the live and on-demand streaming classes. There are financing options available so you don’t have to miss out on this amazing cycling opportunity. However, if the bike isn’t in your budget, there is a Peloton App that you can download and pay to take the classes using your own bike – so everyone can participate in these awesome classes!

We interviewed our Media & Endurance Sports Business Development Manager, Laura DeMeo, who has been enjoying her Peloton Bike in the comforts of her own home. This accomplished runner, triathlete, and cyclist was very excited to ride the Peloton bike after hearing rave reviews. Laura discovered how the Peloton and XRCEL are the perfect pairing for mid-winter training and can help you put up great numbers so you can train hard for the coming season.

What made you seek out the Peloton bike in the first place?

I got a Peloton bike as a surprise birthday gift last May 2015.  It was a great gift idea!  I hadn’t been riding it too much because the weather had been so nice this fall and winter, but now I am dealing with my second stress fracture and the winter weather is rough. Once I took the plunge and started riding the Peloton bike, I was hooked! I love riding the Peloton!

What are some aspects that make this bike so accommodating to your lifestyle?

As a triathlete who is super into biking, the Peloton is perfect. No matter how busy I am juggling work, taking care of my little girls, a.k.a. my dogs, or managing my home life, the convenience of the Peloton bike helps me stay on track with my training and exercise. I don’t waste time driving to get to a spin class or getting dressed in a million layers to ride outside. I like the Peloton because, even though I am in my basement by myself, I still feel very connected thanks to the live streaming classes or on-demand classes.  I can even follow the leader board and compete with others who have taken the same class, something that appeals to my competitive nature.

How has the Peloton helped you with your triathlon training?

In the past, I would do group compu-training sessions at my friend’s bike studio. I loved the intensity and camaraderie.  These classes always made me stronger on the bike, especially the intervals and races we would do with one another.  The downside though was that the classes would eat up so much of my time. Between travel and class time, I would be gone for 3-4 hours, which I couldn’t afford.

The Peloton is super convenient, already set up, and is a great workout. Before I jump on I like fueling with XRCEL, because the immediate and extended release of glucose allows me to hit my Peloton workouts just as hard as if I were outside on the road. I found, as many other athletes have, that with the micro-gels technology waiting to feed me additional fuel I am fueling more efficiently, performing better, and I don’t have the stomach issues that used to plague me with other supplements. With XRCEL I can push myself harder and move up the leader board, which the competitive side of me loves.

What’s your favorite class to take and why?

My favorite classes are with the instructor, Nicole Meline. I discovered Nicole in an on-demand class on my third class. Ever since taking her class, I tend to stick with her, but all the coaches are excellent including Jessica King,  Robin Arzon, Steven Little, Hannah Marie Corbin, & Jenn Sherman to name a few)

 Nicole’s mix of intense classes with her fun personality immediately grabbed my attention. Her positive attitude was very motivating and it was clear she is a great athlete. The fact that she is training for Ironman France helped me feel a personal connection to her since I have competed and trained for multiple Ironman distance races. Jessica King is another example of a great instructor whose class I have loved as well. As of right now, my favorite classes to take are the Bear Mountain Climb ride, and the 75 min Endurance Rave Class.

How does the Peloton compare to actually riding outside on a bike?

The Peloton is Safer for starters.  I’ve been riding competitively for 15 years and always realize the danger of the sport and know of so many tragic accidents as a result of road riding and or mountain biking. When riding the Peloton, I don’t have to worry about any possible road accidents. I will always love riding the road, but the Peloton allows me to work as hard as I can and to focus on bike strength, speed, and cadence. Combining these workouts with XRCEL allows me to stay mentally sharp and maintain my focus, and achieve my power output goals each and every ride.

What’s your favorite aspect of the Peloton bike and system?

I love the concept of live stream classes.  It’s just like taking a spin class at my gym but without the added time or hassle. I don’t have to worry about sitting on other bikes where you know people are sweating like crazy.

A unique aspect of the Peloton is that I can ride with people from all over the world! It is fun to look at the leaderboard and check out what time zones they call home.  I could be riding with

people from Massachusetts, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, my home state of New Jersey, or even Hong Kong or Australia! I love the option of live stream OR taking a class on demand and choosing any class, any instructor, and joining anytime I want that fits into my schedule.

The other fun thing about Peloton is the badges that we get when you complete milestones. These are motivating and fun to get!  So far, I have earned 4 badges: PR (personal record), Hat trick (3 in a row), Addict (7 in a row), and Devotee (8 in a row). I can also see my total output and try to beat my previous output, as well as compete with others in the class. I like to track my caloric burn and the accessibility of having a full workout profile. Burning 1000 calories is always great to see!

What is unique about the Peloton Community?

There is a really active and engaged community on social media and I can follow other Peloton users.  I am still pretty new to the Peloton and have more to experience, but hope to be up there with some die hard Peloton users that have done hundreds of classes!  It’s a vibrant community and it feels like it is exploding all of a sudden.  When I first got the Peloton in May, not too many people had heard of it, but now it seems much more popular and growing so fast.  I have recommended the Peloton to many family and friends.

Do you have the Peloton APP? If yes, how is it helpful using it?

There is an App for Peloton but I haven’t downloaded it. Studying up on it I’ve learned it’s a great alternative for people who have indoor bikes that are not riding the Peloton.  This allows them to live stream via this app on their own bike. I don’t need the app because I have the whole Peloton Bike system, which comes with the computer monitor where you can connect via the internet and take live or on demand classes.

What’s the biggest advantage of having this bike in your home?

The Peloton is an AWESOME workout, extremely efficient, and saves a TON of time. It’s like

having a private spin studio in your home and you can take the classes that fit into your personal schedule. I don’t have to get in line at a gym to reserve a bike or plan my day around their spin class schedule. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a great workout on their own time!

FYI—I did ride on the road this weekend and after only 8 days on the Peloton, I already felt a difference. For a family, the financial advantages would easily makeup for the cost of multiple gym memberships.

It was a great 2015 for both XRCEL and Peloton Cycling as they catapulted into the athletic arena! Both even scored a headline on the Nasdaq and are now looking forward to expanding awareness and availability of their amazing products. In my opinion, together, XRCEL and Peloton Cycles are the perfect pair for anyone looking to take their riding to the next level!

  • Dana Toor
    Posted at 22:49h, 18 July

    I am dying for a Peloton bike! I just moved from NYC to Hong Kong and am trying to figure out a way to get it shipped here for a decent price. Anyone know where I can buy a Peloton in Hong Kong?

    • Renee
      Posted at 01:14h, 10 August

      According to their website, it’s actually only available within the U.S. at the moment.

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