12 May The History of XRCEL

XRCEL’s roots can be traced back to soccer. The founder’s son is a soccer player, having played from a young age through college. Needless to say, the founder spent many hours observing players in both practices and game situations. What he observed, not so surprisingly, was these talented athletes were fading going into half time and never fully recovering during the second half of practices and games. Passes weren’t as crisp, runs not as fast. The players were running out of energy, within the length of a game that lasts 90 minutes.

What was important to know was that the players were not physically breaking down, their muscles and bone structure stayed intact, thankfully. They were simply not properly fueled, and because of that they were prematurely running out of energy. The issue of premature energy depletion isn’t specific to soccer, it applies to most sports, and certainly it applies to endurance sports like triathlon, marathon, etc.

Thinking that there had to be a way to create a sustained energy source, that could go the distance, the founder referenced his deep background in pharmaceutics. With his understanding of how medicines & nutrients are absorbed, distributed and used in the body, he set upon developing technology to increase the availability of the body’s first choice for muscle and brain fuel. The fuel would be glucose, the task would be to find a way to increase the length of time the glucose would be available so the athletes would have more fuel when they really need it. In essence, he set out to build them a bigger “gas tank”.

The result of years of research and development is XRCEL, with its pH and temperature responsive micro-gels, formulated to work in concert with the athlete’s body, to extend and increase the amount of glucose available to working muscles and the brain. Glucose, the fastest converting carbohydrate available, is delivered via a patented micro gel delivery system. This system provides extended release fuel as your body works harder, heats up and requires more energy. Glucose, which feeds muscles and the brain, rapidly converts to ATP, resulting in a fuel source that is not only immediately available, but also stored as glycogen reserves for when you need it as activity continues.

XRCEL is the only extended release carbohydrate available today. The marriage of science and sports is changing the way athletes prepare, refuel and recover.

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