29 May XRCEL Micro-Gel Technology – An Overview


XRCELTM Athlete Fuel is formulated to give athletes both immediate energy and extended energy. How? XRCELTM feeds your body glucose via patented micro gels. These micro gels work with your body, positioning glucose where it needs to be, at the carbohydrate uptake receptor sites, and uses your body’s pH and temperature to release glucose as your body needs it. Because glucose doesn’t need to be broken down, it can be converted immediately and directly to ATP or, if it is not needed immediately, it can be converted to glycogen to help rebuild those reserves.

Our micro-gels are based on our patented technology which utilizes food grade materials – hydroxypropyl cellulose (commonly used in whipped creams and puddings), minerals & electrolytes, and sodium alginate (made from brown kelp and typically used as a thickener in sauces and puddings) – to create self assembled, uniformly sized, pH and temperature responsive particles that contain and control the position and rate of release of glucose in the small intestine.

Our ability to control the position and rate of release helps improve the bioavailability (amount absorbed over time) of the glucose, which in turn increases the potential for conversion to ATP and thereby the output / performance potential of the athlete.

No other product has this ability, which is what makes XRCELTM so unique.

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