06 Jan Off-Season Survival Guide

By Laurel Wassner

The off-season is here! After a few days of doing little to no exercise after my last race, I start itching to get a little structure and routine back. The key is to keep a mix of things going that are light and fun, yet still active and rejuvenating. Here are a few ways I recommend getting that blend:

1) Sign up for a fitness class- for me, that is Pilates. It’s something I don’t get to fit in as much during my season. It’s hard work and uses all sorts of muscles. I feel great when I’m finished but never overworked. You could also try Orange Theory, Switch Playground, or other fitness programs you have near you. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people.

2) Get into a healthy meal-prep routine. During the season, I find it hard to do all the meal prep I want to do. I always think I will have time but it rarely happens. For the off-season, I am taking some of that extra time to roast a bunch of veggies for the week. This week it was a head of broccoli, an entire cabbage cut in half and roasted, chick peas, carrots and onions. I will eat that for lunch and dinners throughout the week with some brown rice. The off season is a good time to take a break from all the carbs I usually eat to sustain my training.

3) Go on friend-dates. Schedule in some time to see friends who you don’t get to see as much during the season. I am making plans to see my friend and her new baby and to check out another friend’s art studio. Stepping out of your zone and being enriched by others is so rejuvenating.

4) Take some time for yourself. Go to the movies (there are so many great movies out this time of year), organize your closet (that’s what I will be doing!), make a spa appointment…and focus a little on you. During the season, I find I do a great job of focusing on myself for swim/bike/run but everything else gets pushed off. Now is a great time to recharge, and set things up for next year.

5) plan for next season. While you are recharging, relaxing, eating healthy and exercising for fun, make sure to keep your goals in mind. It’s a good time to explore options for new races, different coaching or training, new equipment or any other changes you have been thinking about.

Enjoy the off-season and see you on a starting line next spring!

Frederick Sexton
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